Here at Volume Dynamics we use Volume Analysis in Stocks, Indices, Currency and Commodity Futures Contracts to identify the market monsters. We track, chart and forecast SPX, Nasdaq, ES, Gold and Oil - Front Month Contracts and major associated ETFs daily. Each Day our subscribers receive a forecast as well as support and resistance pivots to have a better grasp of when to get in, and when to get out. We also provide timely updates during the trading day with an interactive chat thread so as the market moves, our guidance is updated in real time to maximize entry and exit strategies based on dynamic volume.


Click on "General Discussion" to review our public commentaries on recent developments in the markets, including currencies, commodities, futures, stocks and indices. We post Daily Updates periodically there; this is the best way to get a flavor of what we do. Follow the link.

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Subscribers get access to our daily forecast thread and urgent intraday updates.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your money on an active trading basis, then Volume Dynamics can help you trade in harmony with the market.

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