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  2. OK so 12542 was the high a little short of the target... Nevertheless up 201 points... Volume was a little stronger But with that stronger volume NASDAQ made a lower high and a lower low and it fell 536 on Friday So a little perspective.
  3. OK they turned it into new highs, so we all know that they have to do and that is 12555 12523 here
  4. Welp, sure looks like no test today... they just CRUSHED the VIX
  5. OK so with the lower low in our defined window. The signal calls for a test of that low, we'll see if it is different this time. 12202.41 $NASDAQ LOW 12258 Here Timeframe after 3:15PM ET
  6. right here I see resistance overhead at 12285-316 Oh and I see that we just tested 12286 and might be barfing it back up
  8. So it's 2:40 PM now... A new low in this next half hour is going to be a problem. But if this 12208.13 holds, there could be a size bounce into the close. Nobody knows for sure. But if our signal is generated with a lower low we know what to expect as well.
  9. OK so they stopped it at 12208, it was gonna get pretty bloody under this level, somebody else saw it and called in the rescue squad...
  10. 12217 12214 Under this we may see a WHOOOOSH...
  11. See? I know how to stop a decline, those are THEE lows of the day for now.. 4081 12226 All I had to do was post lower guidance. Works like a charm. 😹
  12. SPX SUPPORT UPDATE AT 4081 LOW 4074, 4068, 4056, 4034, 3992
  13. NASDAQ SUPPORT UPDATE AT 12226 at 12217, 12214, 12154
  14. NASDAQ didn't quite hit the low here... trying to bounce... looks pretty ugly
  15. Welp, they really need this 12555 now... or it could be very costly as in under 12000 costly.
  16. Every one of these pump jobs have been sold... market looks ugly.
  17. F'eds Back in the market again... I'm gonna be surprised if they allow anything close to a crash today...
  18. Look what happened... CRUDE rocketed back picking up all the losses to a new high...
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