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  1. WELCOME TO VOLUME DYNAMICS - USING VOLUME FORENSICS TO MAXIMIZE RETURNS Here at Volume Dynamics we use Volume Analysis in Stocks, Indices, Currency and Commodity Futures Contracts to identify the market monsters. We track, chart and forecast the SPX, Nasdaq, ES, Gold and Oil - Front Month Contracts and major associated ETFs daily. Each Day our subscribers receive a forecast as well as support and resistance pivots to have a better grasp of when to get in, and when to get out. We also provide timely updates during the trading day with live twitter updates @volumedynamics . Follow us on twitter for live real-time updates. Click on General Discussion at the top of this thread to review our public commentaries on recent developments in the markets, including currencies, commodities, futures, stocks and indices. A detailed description of our services is available on the main page of our site at www.volumedynamics.com, as well as our terms of service and disclaimer. Thanks for your interest in Volume Dynamics. Tom (Trading Coach)
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